From intelligence and interpretation, to counsel, support and implementation

Added value at all stages

We add value for clients at all stages of the corporate affairs and regulatory management process: from intelligence, interpretation and foresight, to counsel, planning, support and implementation.

Research & Intelligence Gathering

Gap analysis

Action Plan development


Review & Refresh

Research & Intelligence Gathering

Gap analysis

Action Plan development


Review & Refresh

Global Regulatory Intelligence & Analysis

We identify the developments with real potential to affect your business

Public affairs, government relations and issues-management functions only succeed if their work is firmly grounded in timely, relevant, comprehensive and reliable information. Our regulatory intelligence offering is rare among public affairs agencies in being tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our clients value our service clients to the extent that several rely on us as their sole global public policy and regulatory information service.

We provide regulatory foresights and insights to support strategic planning 

Unlike the multi-client, algorithm-driven ‘data factory’ services on the market, we design customised research briefs based on an intimate understanding of our clients, their interests and the unique characteristics and complexities of the policy environments, regions and countries and sectors in which they operate. We monitor the regulatory activities, policy debates, research programmes and political activity that matter to them, globally or in specific geographies.

This intelligence enables our clients to accurately anticipate and prioritise potential issues on the horizon by timing and potential impact, and to target their resources and their engagement and advocacy campaigns accordingly.

We design bespoke, customised outputs around our clients’ business needs

In the same way that our research and intelligence techniques are customised to the client’s specific needs, so is our presentation of the outputs: in terms of format, timing, frequency and depth.

We evaluate, edit, prioritise and summarise our ‘raw’ findings into targeted intelligence, insight and foresight, presented in formats from briefings through reports to presentations and databases. Our clients, typically Heads of Regulation and Government Affairs, use our work to inform their decisions and brief their Boards. Nothing leaves our office that can’t go straight on to a C-suite desk.  

Forensic research and in-depth analysis

STRATEGIC COUNSEL & Engagement Support

Helping to build understanding and trust

We offer clear-sighted counsel in a complex global regulatory environment

Grounded in the excellence of our research function, we also offer strategic and tactical counsel to clients on all aspects of their issues-management and stakeholder engagement activities.

Our experience in designing tailored and targeted evidence-based engagement programmes supports clients to participate in shaping their legislative and regulatory environment.

We help clients establish lasting and mutually-productive relationships

We focus on helping clients securing the sustainable outcomes that they need for business success. Our information and counsel help the building of strong, lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships between our clients and their stakeholders. We provide expert, impartial and timely advice that supports clear strategies and solutions in a highly complex and rapidly-changing global regulatory environment.

We are used to working with both in-house teams and other agencies on engagement implementation.

An experienced team

The team at EUK have long experience of creating and implementing such plans on some of the most difficult and technical issues impacting several of the world’s most controversial products and complex sectors:

  • aviation
  • biocides
  • broadcasting
  • chemicals
  • cosmetics
  • food
  • healthcare
  • hi-tech manufacturing

  • infant formula
  • over-the-counter medicines
  • pesticides
  • pharmaceuticals
  • ticket sales
  • tobacco
  • vaccines
  • and more